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Tales of a Distance: Poems

Andrew C. Gottlieb's first full-length collection of poems. To order a copy, click on the cover image.


Poetry can speak most resonantly at those times when the distance between our lives and death shrinks, times such as when a parent dies, and we relearn what intimacy in a family context can mean. Such is the beautiful intensity of Andrew Gottlieb's poems in this collection, written with crystalline images and mindful presence. I'm especially captured by how rivers, animals, and landscapes of the American West inhabit the poems as talismans for the inseparability of mind and nature. And for the mystery of how we find beauty while living on the edge of peril.


-Alison Hawthorne Deming, author of A Woven World and Stairway to Heaven

Flow Variations: Poems

A chapbook of poems about water, fly-fishing, and language, with cover art by Ericka Wolf. From Finishing Line Press, 2017, in a limited press run. To order a copy, click on the cover image. 10% of the cover cost of all presale copies was donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Best New Poets 2013

Annual anthology of 50 poems selected from journal nominations & open submissions. To order a copy click the cover image.

American Fiction, Vol. 11

American Fiction volumes have twice been chosen by Writers' Digest as one of the best places in the United States to publish fiction. Past judges include Raymond Carver, Louise Erdrich, Antonya Nelson, Tim O'Brien, and Wallace Stegner. New Rivers Press, 2010. To order a copy, click on the cover image.


These 20 free verse poems explore a variety of geographies and personas. Many of these poems originally appeared in journals like the Briar Cliff Review, Ecotone, Flyway Literary Review, and the Portland Review. Cover photo by Carl Gottlieb. From New Michigan Press, 2005. To order a copy, click on the cover image.